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Opencart is one of our website development services with an open-source shopping cart system with user-friendly and cost-effective features. It enables easy and quick online purchases and sale of goods and services on your e-commerce website. It also helps break down geographical barriers of trade and opens gates to overseas trade as it can easily incorporate multiple languages on your storefront. It is compatible with almost all payment gateways and merges well with all delivery systems making it easier to manage your store.

We at are a group of tech wizards who aim to give your business the best in the world through our Opencart web developmental service.

If you have an online store, it’s time for you to upgrade it to OpenCart!

Benefits of OpenCart


Cost Effective

With the rising expenditure of having an offline business, there has been a massive shift to e-commerce websites. And OpenCart offers an online platform which is comparatively affordable that also offers unlimited customization options. It goes easy on your pockets and lets you earn a lot in return.
Increase Sales

Relevant Customizations

Opencart, despite being almost free, does not come as a “one size fits all” but is highly customizable that gives you options where you can customize it as per your business requirements and that too at a minimal cost or even free! Start your experience today.
Brand trust

E-commerce centric

OpenCart has a simple dashboard that allows easy navigation. It is developed upon a PHP platform that helps attract and capture the attention of potential audience through its diverse ecommerce functionalities.

SEO friendly

Every business needs to be SEO rich regardless of its nature. Opencart helps boost the ranking on Google with its powerful tools. It also allows a business to choose their plug-ins and gives the option to enhance built-in SEO.


Opencart gives your business the perfect business look making your business look authentic. It is one of the easiest and widely used softwares when it comes to e-commerce portals.


Opencart gives a stylish finish to your business and it comes with various integrations that allow you to localize your website and gives it a flexible functionality. It also helps you manage your sales, customers and more in an efficient manner.

Our Services


E-commerce Website Development

Opencart Admin

When you first login into your opencart admin account, the page would show you the current and important dealings of your store including – total, orders, sales, customers, analytics and more. This service helps you organize your team and allocate them specific admin pages that’d increase the efficiency and would reduce the haphazardness. If your business requires you to manage multiple stores from one admin interface, Opencart also offers this special feature for you. It has the ability to manage and control multiple sites with distinct nature and designs and yet make them all retain their differences and unique attributes. It also helps increase your Sales and Brand awareness by giving you options for promotional offers ilke discounts or giveaways.


Blog and Personal Website Development

Content Management

Opencart does not limit the extent of your content and helps you create numerous categories and subcategories specific to your business where you can display your products for your customers. Opencart knows the importance of selling products so its unique feature helps you put up innumerable products at zero additional cost. It also offers modules that adjust multiple brands and even allow you to post products belonging to solely your brand. One of the top priorities of online stores is to promote customer reviews and feedbacks that will help with brand trust, SEO and also helps the customer to make the decisive note of purchasing the product from you.


Informative Website Development

Payment Gateways

One of the most important features of Opencart is its payment gateways without which no online company can survive. Opencart offers 36 different payment options apart from which, you also have the option to add more payment options so that you don’t miss out on any possible customer. It also offers the feature of having recurring payments like monthly subscriptions, EMIs, membership discounts and more. It also ensures the security of sensitive information so that your customers remain at ease. It also helps you track the accurate sales reports so that you can develop your brand by taking necessary steps.


Resume and Portfolio Website Development

Extremely Responsive

Opencart is the most customizable e-commerce platform that also is responsive to different devices like mobiles, iPads, laptops and desktops. Using the right themes allows you to gain an audience from all different device platforms without hassle. It also gives you the option to monitor your website from any remote device. And It does not compromise with its quality with the change in device. It’s responsiveness helps your business gain potential customers and increase your reliability and SEO ranking. It also improves your customer’s experience.


Catalog and Brochure Website Development

3rd party integrations

It helps manage stock levels both offline and online and helps manage the workload by stremaling and assigning specific workstations. Doing this, increases your profit margins by large. And 3rd party integration at this point becomes relevant and almost impossible to negate. By integrating with 3rd party providers like CRM systems, shipping management and others help delegate tasks efficiently and helps you focus better on important matters and also helps your business to significantly grow.


Enterprise Website Development


Opencart is extremely SEO friendly and is the software that’d allow you to score the best rank on Google. It provides you with tools that’d help you create relevant SEO links that helps Google to connect with your business. Opencart also provides additional tools that will help you figure out the requirements of Google and adhering to those would reflect in your ranks. It is also considered as the best sales person for an ecommerce business as it studies the behaviour of your customer and shows relevant products related to his purchase which incites him to add it to his cart. It converts every possible customer and helps increase your profits by magnitudes.

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We here at MaxInfo.Tech are the new generation digital marketing and web development company in India providing high-end content
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Our web developers give your business the strength and structure you need to amplify your sales, attract potential customers
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We help you gain profit as well as trust of your customers


We deliver a professional and authentic touch to you


We give multiple customizations as per your requirements
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We don’t complicate the process unnecessarily


We help you make the best out of the relevant features


We offer the best ecommerce portal in a cost-effective manner

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Identifying needs

Identifying needs

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Conceptualizing plans

Conceptualizing plans

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Engineering solutions

Engineering solutions

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beyond the benchmark

Delivering success

Delivering success

Optimizing process to render
valors to your business

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